IN FOUR DECADES, TOBIAS INSURANCE GROUP, INC. has grown to become one of the largest Commercial/Industrial Brokers in the Midwest. Founded by Nick Rutigliano in 1973, Tobias has become a fully integrated insurance broker. "Great clients and the Midwest's thriving business community have made our first 40 years pass in seemingly no time at all." says Rutigliano.
Tobias has a highly skilled staff of insurance professionals who continue to build a larger more diverse clientele. As displayed in its operating principle, Tobias has been executing the skills of listening, learning and creating. These principals are the foundation on which Tobias was established. This foundation, which Rutigliano continues to adhere to today, includes client advocacy: analysis, options, and advice and client choice. Client advocacy dictates that Tobias apply its knowledge, experience, and market leverage in representing its clients during negotiations of program terms, premiums, and claim settlements.

Listening, learning and creating.
We are not the voice at the other end of a phone call poised to sell you what you want to buy. That may be how to make a sale, but not how to make a difference. Our approach is to ask the kinds of questions that will give us the information we need to challenge our internal and external resources. The challenge- to create the most cost-effective, service-oriented solution to your unique needs. How do we know what your unique needs are? Remember, we took the time to listen and learn.

Knowledge, depth, and the power of both.
Knowledge by itself is good. So is depth. But, when you combine the two, you achieve a unique level of product and service offerings that provide solutions today and far into the future. At Tobias, we back up everything we commit to with experts who have spent years creating solutions.