Lunch and Learns
  • A library of several hundred industry specific safety conversational topics.
Loss Control Resources
  • Implementing a Safety Committee Program takes a road map; you can use ours.
OSHA and Claims 24/7
Claims Filehandler and Leadership in Loss Prevention Training.
  • Let us show you why preventing and measuring losses is important again.
  • When you control your losses you quit pushing you premiums.
  • We can help with the steps necessary to develop an effective claims prevention program anchored by our Safety Tool Portal.
  • Implement Safety Programs at no cost. We provide the materials: Lunch and Learns Briefs, Payroll Stuffers, Posters, Safety Newsletters, and Safety Power Point Presentations.

Claims Filehandler provides a total overview of insurance losses, any way you choose - by shift, by department, by plant, by manager or any combination that fits your needs. All available on a secure website 24 hours a day.
  • Within seconds you can enter and view claims information.
  • With Claims Filehandler, you can easily track claims and create incentive programs designed to reward those who are making a difference in the workplace as well as the bottom line.
  • OSHA Logs on the net. Can it get any easier?
"Safety Zone" Tools & Education
  • Library of Programs
  • Payroll Stuffers
  • Posters
  • Newsletters
  • PowerPoint Presentations
Safety Professionals Appreciate
  • The Peer Forum:
    An interactive discussion forum that allows you to share information and resources with a nationwide network of colleagues.
  • Legislative "Risk Insights"
  • Company Safety Policies & Handbook
  • OSHA & Multi-state Guidance
    • Workers Compensation
    • Safety Regs by Industry
    • Driver & Fleet Safety
    • Workplace Posters
Ralle® Warehouse
Ralle® Warehouse is an innovative web-based claims-loss analysis tool which drills down to uncover the root causes of your Property, Liability or Workers Compensation claim problems.
  • Pinpoint what areas of your business are driving your core losses?
  • Do you know how many claims you have at a particular location, or who is being injured on the job more often, veteran or newer workers?
  • Can you track if your loss-control efforts are effective over time?

Once problems are isolated, you are well on your way to implementing effective, money-saving solutions that boost workplace safety, reduce injuries and lower your insurance claims and premiums.

Philosophy & Products
Risk management is not a one size fits all proposition and there is no room for order takers. It's all about custom solutions that address and examine your areas of exposure:
  1. Risk identification and evaluation
  2. Evaluation of risk areas that can be eliminated or minimalized
  3. Selecting the best options for risk financing
    • Conventional insurance programs
    • Management risk assumption
    • Risk participation programs
      • Dividend/retention programs
      • Retrospective rating plans
      • Large deductible plans
      • Qualified self-insurance
      • Captives
Going to the market.
After a thorough analysis of your needs, we create a detailed program for your company. This detailed program then goes to market through our Pricing/Placement Department of experts committed to motivating selected underwriters.

Your Tobias representative will provide you with complete support while your program is in the market.
  • Implementation, proactive monitoring and administration of risk financing and management techniques
  • Implementation and monitoring of programs that address:
    • Loss control
    • Claims handling
    • Safety zone
    • OSHA 24/7
    • Lunch and learns