AS THE LARGEST SURETY IN INDIANA, our surety department utilizes many approaches and markets to satisfy our client objectives. Tobias's professional approach to managing surety credit availability provides clients with a competitive advantage in many areas such as single job limit, overall program limits, venturing into new states or countries, elimination of personal indemnity and cost effective rates. Our agency provides thoroughly reviewed and completed products to the surety markets, that may include:

  • Reviewed and analyzed financials.
  • Completed and proofed work in progress schedules.
  • Historical comparisons of your corporation's financial progress.
  • Letters of our appraisal and suggested program limits.
  • Ongoing performance appraisals and proactive program adjustments for items such as limits, indemnity, rates, etc.

Because we complete much of the surety manager's work in advance and our large surety volume, we are able to achieve favorable review status and above average program limits.